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Dear Parents/Carers,


Please help your child to learn the following poem by heart in preparation for the school’s Speak Up Competition. The aim is for ALL pupils to be involved in a whole class poetry performance on World Book Day which is Thursday 7thMarch.


Jack Frost

Look out! Look out!
Jack Frost is about!|
He’s after our fingers and toes;
And all through the night,
The happy little sprite
Is working where nobody knows.

He’ll climb each tree,
So nimble is he,
His silvery powder he’ll shake.
To windows he’ll creep
And while we’re asleep
Such wonderful pictures he’ll make.

Across the grass
He’ll merrily pass,
And change all its greenness to white.

Then home he will go
And laugh
ho,ho ho!
What fun I have had in the night.