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Welcome to 2C

Autumn Term A

Our connector is...



Children will be learning about superheroes; what makes them super and how the children themselves are super too!



We will be reading the story of 'Eliot Jones Midnight Superhero.' The children will be acting out parts of the story and using story maps to support them in retelling Eliot's adventures. We will also be finding out what comparative and superlative adjectives are and use examples of these in our poetry writing. 


Our science will focus on identifying and comparing the suitability of everyday materials. This will involve observing closely, performing simple tests, sorting and classifying and one or two class challenges!

In design and technology the children will have the opportunity to design and make their own superhero mask, considering which materials are the most suitable and how they will be joined together. In computing children will be using art software to create a superhero picture.  


Children will have the opportunity to review their learning over the half term and enjoy further experiences during our Superhero morning on 18th October 2017, more details to follow.  


You might want to check out the website below if you would like to design your own superhero!


In maths we will begin by exploring place value. This will involve counting in jumps of 2, 3 and 5 from 0 and in 10s from any 2-digit number, recognising the place value of each digit in a 2-digit number and comparing and ordering numbers using the (>) less than and (<) greater than symbols. The children will also be exploring the relationship between addition and subtraction. 


Library books will be every Tuesday. We will change six children's reading books each day. Your child will be told which day they are changing their book. However, it is very important that your child brings their reading book to school every day. Should your child need to change their book again during the week, we will of course do so.

Please read with your child and ask them questions about what they have read. Please ask if you have any questions about reading and how you can support your child at home.


This half term PE will be on a Friday. Please ensure that your child has a full PE kit in school, so that they can participate. Homework will be handed out every Friday to be completed and returned no later than the following Wednesday. Please ensure your child completes their homework. Your support is greatly appreciated.


If at anytime there is anything you wish to discuss, please do speak to me. 

Kind regards 

Miss Chand