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A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed (LLPS)



Welcome to Class 3S

Autumn Term A


Our connector this half term is...

Land Ahoy!


We will be exploring the topic of pirates using  poems, stories, information texts and historical sources of information. Children will be learning a poem to perform, creating tricky tongue twisters and using similes to write their own poetry. They will also be writing part of an adventure story, examining the features and language of story writing.


In Science we will focus on floating and sinking. Children will take part in a number of practical activities and investigations.


We will be looking at the history of pirate flags and children will have the opportunity to create their own. They will also make a treasure map which will involve learning about co-ordinates and the points of the compass.

In music we will listen to and sing sea shanties and consider what makes a good performance. Children will learn how to sew when making a money pouch in Design Technology.



In Maths our focus this year will be on increasing the children’s fluency with whole numbers and the four key operations, (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) including number facts and the concept of place value. By the end of year 3 it is expected that the children will be able to recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

This term we will be looking at place value including that of 3-digit numbers. The children will carry out investigations involving problem solving. They will use mental strategies and written methods for addition and subtraction. We will be developing the children’s fluency and reasoning skills using these operations.



Homework will be given out on Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday.

Please remember to bring your P.E kit on Monday and Tuesday. Don't forget that you should not wear any items of jewellery and only ear studs may be worn.

Please remember to bring your library book to school on Friday so that you can change your book when we visit the library.

Your book bag should be in school every day. Try to read at home as often as possible - at least 10 minutes a day!