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Summer B 2017

Welcome to 4AD

This term our connector is.......

          Mamma Mia!



This term our connector explores the fascinating European country of Italy. We will look at its geography, history, people, culture and of course, its food!


                                            Pasta                                      Gelato ice-cream

In English we will be creating our own holiday brochures and writing suspense stories about the destruction of Pompeii. In Art, we will be creating a Monet-style picture of Venice. We will look at the impressionist style of Art.


Monet (Water Lilies)


During Design and Technology lessons, we will be making pizzas. The children will also have the opportunity to listen to a range of Italian music, including opera, classical and popular music. During Science, we will be carrying out detailed investigations and experiments involving food. We will look at the reversible and irreversible changes that happen during the process of cooking.


















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