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Summer A 2017

Welcome to 4AD

This term our connector is.......

          Valiant or Vicious


The Vikings were travellers and sailed to other parts of Europe where they traded, raided and often settled. In this Connector, we will learn about who the Vikings were, how they travelled and how they set up their homes. We will explore their use of longships as the main mode of transport.

Viking ship

In Science, we will design our own longships and test whether they are able to float, discussing which designs were best and the most suitable materials to use. In other parts of Science, we will be learning about the digestive system and exploring a Viking’s diet!


In D&T we will be planning and designing a shield and helmet thinking about the patterns, shapes and colours that the Vikings used.


In English, using the text by Jeremy Strong, ‘A Viking in my bed’ we will be writing our own story of a Viking quest. In other areas of the connector, we will be looking at a Viking timeline and learn how the Vikings told ‘sagas.’















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