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Welcome to 4AD

Summer A 2018
Our connector this half term is...

Valiant or Vicious Vikings?



The Vikings were great travellers who sailed to other parts of Europe, where they traded, raided and often settled. In our Connector, we will find out about who the Vikings were, how they travelled, the countries they invaded and where they came from. In English, we will write newspaper reports on the Viking exploits. We will also be exploring writing persuasive text. In Geography we will locate the regions where the Vikings explored, raided and settled and where they came from. 






In Science, we will learn about the main function of the digestive system. We will learn that the food we eat has to be broken down, this is digestion. Digestion happens in the digestive system.




Can you name the different parts of the digestive system in the clipart to the right?




Homework is set on Friday and due the following Wednesday.


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