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Welcome to 4H

Autumn 2018
Our connector this half term is...
Under the Canopy



This topic is about life in the  rainforests . Our classrooms will transform into “Explorer Academies” as we learn the skills needed to become rainforest explorers.



In  Geography  children will learn to  use maps and atlases  to locate the world’s tropical rainforests, and identify and talk about the significance of other features included on world maps.



During Science, we will be learning about living things and their habitats as well as food chains.

We will be visiting London Zoo to enhance the children’s knowledge of animals and their habitats.




In  English , children will be learning how to research information and create a non chronological report about the rainforests. They will also be learning the skills required to write a  recount  of their exploration of the Rainforest section of the London Zoo.



For  Maths , our focus this year will be on increasing the children’s fluency in the four key operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Throughout the year they will be developing their understanding of more efficient written and mental methods. By the end of year 4 it is expected that the children will be able to know their times tables up to and    including their 12 times table. 

This term we will be looking at place value of numbers of up to 4-digits, revising and developing written methods for calculating. The children will be encouraged to work together in groups to solve practical problems.












Homework is set on Friday and due the following Wednesday.

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