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Spring B 

Welcome to 5D!

This term our connector is....

'The cycle of life'




Our Connector this half term is Science based, we will explore the life cycles of plants and animals including their reproductive systems. Children will present their information through various Art forms, diagrams, experiments and through detailed observations.


In conjunction with this connector, we are going to write a newspaper  report based on the current issues affecting the bee population around the world. Our grammar focus will be on standard written and spoken English.


In Science, the children will learn the differences in life cycles of amphibians, mammals, birds and insects.


In Maths, our emphasis will be on decimals, percentages and ratios. Children will broaden their understanding of the percentage symbol and learn that percent relates to the number of parts per hundred.


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Spelling shed

5D - Keep up the fantastic spellings that you have been doing on spelling shed! Very Well done!


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