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Autumn B 


Welcome to 5D


This term our connector is

'Blitz it!'


We will be exploring World War II, with a particular focus on The Blitz.

We will be looking at the bombing of major metropolitan areas and the evacuation of children from London to the countryside.


We will start by reading and examining war poems, then writing and performing our own compositions. In keeping with the evacuation theme, we will write letters from the perspective of an evacuee.


We will look at the geography of Europe and the countries involved in the conflict. In History, we will be considering the impact of The Blitz on daily London life. We will also be creating our own menu that reflects the food that were available at the time and the notion of rationing that was put in place to ensure that everyone had enough.


In Science, we will continue to learn about the properties of materials.  We will compare and group together everyday materials on the basis of their properties, such as transparency and







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Victorian day


Parents and Carers, thank you for allowing your child to take part in our Victorian day last half term. Both the staff and children had tremendous fun dressing up and pretending to be Victorians!