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A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed (LLPS)


Summer Term 2018


Welcome to 5E's class page.



This term our connector is

'Space-the final frontier'.



This term we are learning about space. It is a very broad topic, ranging from astronauts to the solar system. The children will have an opportunity to research about areas that may particularly interest them.We will be writing a structured information text.They are invited to write any space related words in their home language for the working wall.


We will then be focusing on the genre of science fiction. Do share any favourite science fiction book or stories that you may have. Discuss what you may like or not like about this genre.


In Art, we will cover balloons in papier-mache to make planets, and use this to model the solar system.


Science will be embedded throughout the topic, enabling the children to develop an in-depth understanding. We will use drama to understand how the Earth and other planets orbit the Sun, and how the orbit of the Moon impacts on the Earth.


In maths we are learning about angles and shapes. We will use protractors measure angles, and identify if it is an acute, obtuse, right-angle or reflex. We are also keeping up our focus on times tables, so well done to all the parents that have helped their child become more successful in this area.


In PE we will be improving our tennis skills. Please do ensure your child has their full kit every Thursday as I do want every child to be able to participate.


Homework .

 We aim to make the homework as discursive as possible (based on having a discussion) to help the children improve their spoken skills so please do help them and join in the conversation.


As ever, I am always keen to hear any news or concerns you may have; it's important to me that your child feels happy so please catch me at the beginning or end of the day if you need to speak to me.



Ms Epson.Summer Term 2018