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A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed (LLPS)


Picture 1 Clay peace symbols made by the class Spring 2
Picture 2 Clay peace symbols made by the class Spring 2
Picture 3 Clay peace symbols made by the class Spring 2
Picture 4 Clay peace symbols made by the class Spring 2
Picture 5 Clay peace symbols made by the class Spring 2

Tiger Lillies

Tiger Lillies 1

Welcome to 5LI

Our connector this term is:'

'Space The Final Frontier

This term the children will learn about 'Space and many things associated with it.   


Children can start researching about the Solar System, and they can come and share what they have found out in class, to enrich the learning.



Encourage your child to be an independent learner -  start their research now!!




English lessons.  In English the children will understand the use comparative conjunctions, relative embedded clauses as well as Scifi stories.  


Maths lessons will  focus on decimals and money. To know how to  add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals.  They will remember to use place value and apply that knowledge to problem solving and money.   All children should make sure they know the times tables to support their maths in class. 


Space Exploration Project Homework:  Your child has been given a project linked to our Connector.  they have 3 weeks in which to complete it and they have the choice of it being a two-sided poster, leaflet or they can produce a handmade model.  


Parents are requested to give a written update each week in their homework book on how they are progressing with their project.  Thank you.


Remember Big Read -  Thursday 3rd May. 








Reading is so important.  

Please ensure that your child reads their home/school reading book every day for a minimum of 10 minutes as well as writing a comment in their record book about what they have read. 

If parents/guardians are interested in learning more about the teaching of reading and how to support their child, there is a free reading course being conducted in the school in partnership with Haringey Family Learning Department.  Please see the Reading Co-ordinator - Mrs Imbrah.


Ask your child what they are reading about and discuss it with them.  

Can they predict what might happen if it is a fiction genre?  

If non fiction, what facts have they learnt?  

Ask them to write short book reviews of the books they have read.


Purchase the newspaper, 'First News' (sold in Sainsburys) or go on the website.  This paper reports on current events but is written so children can understand.



Our PSHE  lessons will discuss the experience of conflicting emotions.  The children will learn strategies to know when to listen to those emotions or when to overcome them. 


Click on the link below to play games and practise your maths at home.!



You can use the links at the bottom of this page to support your child's learning.

Mrs Imbrah


Please make sure P.E. kits are brought on Monday and Wednesday.