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Welcome to 5LI

Our connector this term is:

'Space - The Final Frontier'


This term our English focus is Space.  This is a broad subject and includes astrophysics, space exploration, the Solar System and the planets.  Lead by the children's interest, we will embark upon a journey of discovery.  The children will develop their research skills and produce information texts including headings, sub-headings and bullet points.  We will then move our attention to the literary genre of Science Fiction (Sci-fi).  This will provide an opportunity for the children to use their imagination to create an alien world populated with extra-terrestrial creatures.


Maths for this term has a strong focus on geometry.  Initially focusing on angles, we will learn how to use a protractor to measure angles around a point, learn that angles are measured in degrees, that they have names, i.e. acute, obtuse, reflex and their properties can be used to deduce missing angles. 


In Art and Design, children will be creating the planets using papier mache and designing their own Moon Buggy.   Science lessons will allow the children to understand how the Earth's rotation gives us day and night.  They will also have the opportunity to understand and monitor  the phases of the moon over  a month.




                        Can you answer these questions?

Which astronaut holds the record for the longest stay in space?

What contribution has the United Kingdom made to space exploration?

What do people mean when they talk about 'the black hole' in space?

Is there life on other planets?


Encourage your child to be an independent learner -  start their research now!!









All children should make sure they know there times tables to support their maths in class.



Reading is so important.  

Please ensure that your child reads their home/school reading book every day for a minimum of 10 minutes.  


Ask your child what they are reading about and discuss it with them.  

Can they predict what might happen if it is a fiction genre?  

If non fiction, what facts have they learnt?  

Ask them to write short book reviews of the books they have read.


Purchase the newspaper, 'First News' (sold in Sainsburys) or go on the website.  This paper reports on current events but is written so children can understand.






Click on the link below to play games and practise your maths at home.!



You can use the links at the bottom of this page to find out more about our topic.

Mrs Imbrah


Please make sure P.E. kits are brought on Monday and Wednesday.