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Welcome to the class page for 5M!


Welcome to the new and updated class page for the Summer term. 

This term our connector is 'Space: The Final Frontier'


See below for an overview of what we shall be learning about this term for each subject. 




Picture 1 The solar system showing all 8 planets.
Picture 2 Planets orbiting the Sun.
Picture 3 Solar system map.
Picture 4 The Milky Way which is where our solar system is.

This term we are learning about space. It is a very broad topic, ranging from astronauts to the solar system. The children will have an opportunity to research about areas that may particularly interest them. We will be writing a structured information text.They are invited to write any space related words in their home language for the working wall.


We will then be focusing on the genre of science fiction. Do share any favourite science fiction book or stories that you may have. Discuss what you may like or not like about this genre.






Picture 1

In maths this term, we are learning about angles and shapes. We will use protractors to measure angles, and identify whether they are acute, obtuse, right-angled or reflex angles. We will be calculating missing angles of different shapes in line with National Curriculum specifications. 


We are also keeping up our focus on times tables, so well done to all the parents that have helped their child become more successful in this area. 


We will continue to use the methods we currently use in all four operations  in line with new NC standards. 


There are some games to help children measure angles:




Picture 1

In Art, we will cover balloons in papier-mâché to make planets, and use this to make artistic representations of the solar system. Please give your child any old newspapers you may have so we can use them for our art. 

Please make sure you bring in your library book on a Monday and your PE kit on Monday.


Homework has changed- it is going out on Wednesday and is due back on Monday. We aim to make the homework as discursive as possible (based on having a discussion) to help the children improve their spoken skills so please do help them and join in the conversation.