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Welcome to the class page for 5M!


Welcome to the new and updated class page for the 2nd half of the Spring term, 2019. 

This term our connector is 'The Cycle of Life' -  a science topic.


See below for an overview of what we shall be learning about this term for each subject. 




The Cycle of Life

The Cycle of Life  1 Neonics affecting life cycle of butterflies.
The Cycle of Life  2 How pollinators (such as bees) help produce food
The Cycle of Life  3 People campaigning for an end to neonics.
The Cycle of Life  4 Bees gathering nectar from flowers.

This term the connector is science–focused, enabling us to explore in depth the life cycles of plants and animals, including their reproductive systems. Children will present their learning through drama, text and diagrams. Through this topic we will explore formal writing, with a strong focus on standard English.
We will also be learning how to write a newspaper report, including the structure and formal language pertinent to this type of report.

Picture 1

This term we have a strong focus on decimals, moving onto ratios and percentages.
We will be comparing and ordering numbers with up to three decimal places.
We will study the relationship between thousands, hundredths and tenths and their decimal equivalents.
We will round decimals with two decimal places to the nearest whole number.
We will broaden our understanding of the % symbol and understand that percent relates to number of parts per hundred.



We will have a strong focus on mental maths skills. At this point in year 5, it is expected that the children will be able to recall and use multiplication and division facts for all the times tables. Please ensure your child knows their times tables off-by-heart. 



Learn the conjunctions song:


Grammar  1
Grammar  2

Children are expected to be able to use 'fronted adverbials' and 'relative clauses' in their writing. It is important that children practise these to be able to make more complex sentences. 


Learn the relative clause song, which is below, and sing it to your friends.


Can you learn the fronted adverbial song, too?

Please make sure you bring in your library book on a Thursday and your PE kit on Tuesday . 5M have been taking part in the Daily Mile, where children make fitness part of their daily routine. 


Find out more about the Daily Mile here:



Homework is given out on a Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday. It will include reading comprehension, maths and topic related activities. 





Mr Miller loves reading and the key to success comes through reading EVERY DAY. The children have a home reading book. Please ensure they read the allocated pages, write a comment in the reading record and that it is brought to school every day. It would be really beneficial if you read with your child regularly and discussed their books. 


Reading is of paramount importance here at Lordship Lane.  

Please ensure that your child reads their home/school reading book every day as agreed, as well as writing a comment in their record book about what they have read. 


If parents/guardians are interested in learning more about the teaching of reading and how to support their child, there is a free reading course being conducted in the school in partnership with Haringey Family Learning Department.  Please see the Reading Co-ordinator - Mrs Imbrah.


Tips for reading with your child

Ask your child what they are reading about and discuss it with them.  

Can they predict what might happen if it is a fiction genre?  

If non fiction, what facts have they learnt?  

Ask them to write short book reviews of the books they have read to be displayed on our classroom wall.


Purchase the newspaper, 'First News' (sold in Sainsbury's) or go on the website (  This paper reports on current events but is written so children can understand.

Contact your teacher

Contact your teacher with any questions or concerns you may have.

The code for the Autumn term is FANBOYS. 2 dojos for the first three people to bring me a piece of paper with a sentence using a conjunction.