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Welcome to the class page for 5M!


Welcome to the new and updated class page for the Autumn term 2017. 

This term our connector is 'Vile Victorians'


See below for an overview of what we shall be learning about this term for each subject. 




Picture 1 Victorian house servants
Picture 2 Child miners
Picture 3 Chimney sweep


We will be exploring the Victorian era, using stories, information texts and historical sources of information, with a particular focused on the difference between the rich and poor in society. 

Recognising the importance of this era, we will examine the legacy that the Victorians left us and discuss the ways in which society has changed since then. 

We shall look at the features of a diary in order to write a diary entry from the perspective of a Victorian child. 

We will have a Victorian Day, when the children travel back in time to become Victorian school children for the day. 






Picture 1


This year the children will tackle multi-step operations, making decisions on which operations and methods to use and why. 

We will have a strong focus on mental maths skills. By the end of year 5 it is expected that the children will be able to recall and use multiplication and division facts for all the times tables. 

This term we will be looking at the place value of 7-digit numbers; rounding numbers to the nearest 100000. The children will read, write, order and compare numbers to at least 7 digits. 

The children will interpret negatives numbers in context, e.g. temperature, and count backwards and forwards in positive and negative whole numbers. 


We are also keeping up our focus on times tables, so well done to all the parents that have helped their child become more successful in this area. 


We will continue to use the methods we currently use in all four operations in line with new NC standards. 






Picture 1


In art we will study drawing, basing our learning on the work of the Cholmondeley sisters. 

Please make sure you bring in your library book on a Friday and your PE kit on Monday and Wednesday.



Homework is given out on a Wednesday and should be returned by the following Monday. It will include reading comprehension, maths and topic related activities. 


The children have a home reading book. Please ensure they read the allocated pages, write a comment in the reading record and that it is brought to school every day. It would be really beneficial if you read with your child regularly and discussed their books.