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Elmer in the snow

Elmer in the snow



To continue our experience of the delightful character Elmer, this week we will be exploring the story of Elmer in the snow.


(Click here to watch the story of Elmer in the snow)


We will be using our senses and developing our awareness of the world around us through exploring the changes of melting and freezing. 



As the weather is now getting colder, we will encourage children to notice and comment on the changes around them. 


We will be developing our fine motor skills through using one handed tools such as scissors to make decorative snowflakes. 




We will be developing our mark making skills through making marks in shaving foam, such as practising the letters within our name. 


Has your child had the experience of playing with snow? what does it feel like? What does it look like?


We will be practising songs from our Christmas Nativity so please be prepared for a lovely show!