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A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed (LLPS)

Elmer the elephant

This week we will be exploring the story of Elmer the elephant



In this story we celebrate Elmer the colourful and unique elephant.


We will be encouraging the children to celebrate themselves through thinking about ways that they are similar and different.


Time for talk: Encourage your child to think about themselves. What are they good at? Do they have a talent? what is their gift?


We will be exploring and naming familiar colours and also exploring colour mixing to create new colours.



We will be making self portraits of ourselves using paper plates and be thinking about our own skin tones and the colours of our eyes. 


We will be using descriptive language to explore features of an elephant such a long trunk, big ears, big body, grey skin, 4 legs.


In maths we will be exploring and making pictures using 2d shapes. Can you spot any 2d shapes in your homes? We would love you to share pictures or videos of these through Tapestry. 



Challenge: Can you describe what the shape looks like? Does is have straight or curved lines? Does it have any points or corners?