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A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed (LLPS)

Equal Opportunities

We aim for all children in school to develop their full potential. We consciously promote equality and inclusion in our classrooms by challenging stereotypes, making sure that our resources and displays reflect the cultural diversity of the wider community. We consistently seek opportunities to develop the curriculum in order to deepen children’s understanding of the world.


We actively oppose all forms of racism and other forms of discrimination and offensive behaviour towards groups or individuals. Action is always taken to deal with such behaviour firmly. Incidents are recorded and parents of those causing concern are contacted.


Our Approach to Learning

Lordship Lane Primary is a fully inclusive school and we welcome children of all abilities. We work hard to ensure that all learning opportunities are personalised to meet the needs of each and every child in our school. Lessons are differentiated to support and extend learning, with staff working with groups of children to focus learning opportunities.


Extra provision is made for Gifted, Talented and More Able pupils, either in class or through learning opportunities out of the classroom.


Pupils with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND)

Pupils with SEND needs are generally taught within the classroom setting with appropriate teaching or additional teaching assistant support.


Some children may work with a teacher or teaching assistant outside of the classroom either individually or within a small group according to their needs.


The school makes full use of expertise offered by outside agencies, and parents are involved in this process, usually through an IEP (Individual Education Plan).


LLPS will always have due regard to the needs of pupils with disabilities and take steps to meet disabled people’s needs, even if this requires more favourable treatment.


The Language Base


Situated on the grounds of our school, the language base offers children with speech and language difficulties an opportunity to develop their communication skills.