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Handa's Surprise 10.10.16 and 17.10.16

To celebrate Black History Month, this week we will be exploring the wonderful story of Handa's Surprise.



You can click here or on the image to watch the interactive Handa Surprise story. 


The story is focused around a young African girl and her adventures with a range of animals. We will be teaching our children the names of all these different types of animals and thinking about how many syllables they have and what their initial sounds are. Within the story the children will explore an a a antelope, a p p parrot, an e e elephant and even a m m monkey to name a few. 



We will be using ICT to explore some facts about Africa. What is the weather like in Africa? Has anybody ever traveled to Africa? Do you know anything interesting that you could tell us about Africa?



The children will have an opportunity to explore the delicious and exotic fruits that feature within the story such as passion fruit, mango, pineapple, tangerine, guava, avocado pear, banana and orange. Have you ever tasted these fruits at home? what is your favourite? We will have an opportunity to try these fruits and also make a yummy and healthy fruit salad. 


Click here to play the Guess the Animal game