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Summer 1 2017

'Baa Baa Tweet Tweet'


Our connector this term is 'Baa Baa Tweet Tweet'. Through this connector we will be teaching our children about the different animals found at the farm yard. We will be learning about the similarities and differences of the animals and learning descriptive words to talk about their features, textures and size.


We will also be developing our awareness of animal sounds through familiar nursery rhymes. This will support children's ability to differentiate between animal sounds and environmental sounds. We will hopefully also have a visit from an animal farm company to ensure that the children have a real and meaningful experience to consolidate their learning through exploration of live animals. 


We will be exploring the life cycle of different creatures born during the Spring time such as frogs, chicks and rabbits and talk about our favourites. 


Click on the images below to play farm animal games.




We welcome parental support and contribution on our learning journey. 

Many Thanks

Mrs Fenty




Time for talk challenge:


I am an animal with a very tall neck. You can find me in the zoo. I have 4 long legs and yellow skin with brown patches.


What am I?






I am an animal who lives on the farm. I lay eggs and make a 'cluck cluck' noise.


What am I?





Our learning environment

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