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A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed (LLPS)

Owl Babies 26.09.16 and 03.10.16

This week we will be exploring the story 'Owl Babies'



Click here to watch an interactive video of the story. 



Time for talk: Why do you think Sarah, Percy and Bill were sad? Where did mummy owl go? Do you know anything about owls?


We will be exploring the texture and changes that occur when making paper mache owls and encouraging the children to describe the changes they see and feel. 


We will be continuing on the theme of size, encouraging the children to compare the sizes of the different owls. 


We will also be developing our counting skills and matching amounts to numerals. To support with this you could try playing this counting game at home with your child. Click here or the image below. 



To support the children's understanding of their world, we will be using ICT to research facts about Owls. We introduce the vocabulary nocturnal and hunt and explore other similar nocturnal creatures. 



Owl's have an interesting diet, to support our understanding of physical development we will explore different foods that we have tried and liked or disliked and create our own perfect meal plate. 


There are many different types of owls. Do you have a favourite?