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A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed (LLPS)


This term our connector is 'My Favourite Things'


Week 1: home visits and parent interviews.

Week 2: all the children are part time.

Week 3: all the children begin full time.

Week 4: our story will be 'Peace at Last'


As a class we listened to the sounds of the video below before watching it. Can you play this game with your child and how many sounds can you identify?

The sounds of the house


Week 5 and 6: 'My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh'

Can you answer these questions about the text?

What was mum’s favourite animal?
What was dad’s favourite animal?
What did mum like to wear?
What did dad like to wear?

What did the boy like the most?


Week 7: 'Handa's Surprise'


Autumn 1 stories

Autumn 1 stories 1
Autumn 1 stories 2
Autumn 1 stories 3