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A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed (LLPS)



              Welcome to RW!


            This term our connector is;                         Wriggle Crawl and Buzz


RW will be investigating minibeasts. We will be learning lots of facts about their habitats, how they move and what they eat. We will be learning lots of new vocabulary such as antennae.


Can you think of any creatures that wriggle?
How about creatures that crawl? 
Who makes a buzzing sound?
Can you think of any other minibeasts?


We will be reading lots of stories about minibeasts.


How many facts about ladybirds can you think of?




How many facts about spiders can you think of?            Image result for the very busy spider


How many facts about snails can you think of?                                             Image result for the snail and the whale                

How many facts about caterpillars and butterflies can you think of?               Image result for hungry caterpillar