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Spring 1 Castles, Dragons, Fairies and Trolls


Up Our Street!

Spring 2017



Happy New Year! and welcome back to another exciting half term of learning. We hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas break with many fond memories. We are now back to school, back and rested and ready and eager to learn!


Our connector this half term is 'Up Our Street'


We will be developing our children's awareness of different people who help us within the community such as Police officers, Fire fighters, Doctors, Dentists, Lollipop ladies or men and other people.


The core books that we will be focusing on include: The postman, Topsy and Tim go to the Dentist and Rosie's walk.


We will hopefully plan an opportunity for the children to explore their local area by going on a walk around our community. 


Have you ever seen these people before? How do they help us in our community and our world?


Image result for british police women Image result for british fire fighter Image result for black lollipop man Image result for black nurse


We will hopefully be having some visits from some special people in the community so that the children will become familiar with the different roles and occupations of people within our world. 


The children will have the opportunity to possibly explore props and vehicles that come with these different roles. 


We will be supporting our children to develop their confidence in asking questions using simple sentences. 


Please Please remember that we are striving to create independent young people. Please support your child by encouraging them to practise putting on their coats and shoes by themselves. The best way to learn is to make some mistakes along the way. The children will feel a sense of achievement when they begin to do things on their own.


Image result for children putting own coats on


Please also encourage them to hang up their coats and belongings.