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A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed (LLPS)

Summer 2 Wheels Wings And Other Things

Our connector this half term is 'Wheels, wings and other things'.



Through our topic we will be exploring journeys, holidays, vehicles and talking about what we would like to do during the summer holidays.


To support our development around phonics and environmental sounds we will be listening to different transport noises and aim to guess the vehicles. We will also be recreating the sounds of different vehicles. The children will talk about the different ways that they come to school.




Who comes to school on a scooter? Who comes to school on a rocket? I like to get to school in my submarine.


We will be exploring a range of fiction and non-fiction books to support the children's awareness of the world around them. We will think about what is needed in order to allow us to travel such as train tickets, oyster cards, plane tickets, visas and passports. 




Lots of different countries have a special stamp that gets put into your passport. Have you been anywhere exciting with your child? Could you share something from home to show us?


Click here to view some activities around Barnaby bear and his adventures abroad. 



We will be exploring the role of firefighters and how they support the community. 



The children will have the opportunity of exploring the firefighter costume and begin to discuss the types of props they need to put out fires. 



Key vocabulary: smoke alarm, fire, smoke, water, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, burn


We will think about using the 999 number to contact the emergency services.


We will explore safety around fires such as the use of matches, lighters and what to do should we see or smell smoke. 


We will think about and discuss our class fire safety procedures should we hear the fire alarm and locate the emergency key and fire extinguisher within the class. 


We will be watching fire safety video's to learn about how to behave should we encounter a fire. 


Time for Talk: Does your child know who to call in an emergency? What kinds of dangers can they recognise in your home?


Click here to play a quiz game (testing your awareness of what to do in a fire emergency)


We will also be learning to practice our balancing and coordination skills to participate in our early years sports day. Please come along for this and cheer on your child!