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Talk For Writing

Talk for Writing



This year our focus will be to develop our children's communication and listening skills. Research has shown that our children's emergent writing skills will be enhanced by their awareness and use of language and new vocabulary.


We will be developing their love of language through exposure to a range of core reading books and modelling of new words and vocabulary. We will also be doing a lot of role-play using masks and costumes to bring to life the experience of the books for our children.



We will be incorporating a range of story maps, repetition and actions of stories to further enable our children to remember familiar stories. Through this the children will be able to retell familiar stories independently and be able to use their own imaginations to make changes to familiar stories. 



We would really appreciate parental support in developing our children's love of spoken language and to develop listening skills. We welcome parents to select and take books home to share with their children. We will also be sending home story maps of core books for the children to rehearse and retell to you at home. Oral retelling of stories will develop our children's imaginations through using different tones of voices, use of emotions and creating atmosphere. 


Language can be developed through questioning our children, creating scenarios for them, discussing new experiences and creating simple stories. 


Below is an image of a key. Can you make a story with your child about where the key may have come from? who may use the key? what will the key open? (This would be a lovely sample of work from home to put into their special books)




Please click here for a case study based on the impact of Talk for Writing.