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A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed (LLPS)

Week 1: Class routine and expectations

Welcome back to our first learning week in the new year. 


This week  we will be reminding the children about the class rules and expectations. We have all been a way for a while and having lots of fun.


We will reinforce the importance of demonstrating friendly behaviour, discussing the importance of sharing and taking turns with our friends. 


In our circle time session we will be exploring different emotions  through role-play and images and discussing different events that have made us feel happy or sad.



We will be encouraging the children to reflect on their own behaviours and the impact on others when we hurt or upset children.


We will be encouraging turn taking through speaking and listening and the importance of children valuing the words of others.


We will developing our strategy of 'peer talk' to encourage children to listen to others and join in with conversations. 


Time for talk:


Watch the short clips below and discuss your child's feelings with them.