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A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed (LLPS)

Week 5 Life Cycle Of a Frog

This week we will be exploring the life cycle of a frog.



***If any parents have frogspawn that they would like to donate to us please do***


We will be thinking about the different stages of the life cycle and the changes that the tadpoles go through.



We will be exploring the story 'The Teeny Weeny Tadpole' and be thinking about the different animals the tadpole meets and why he wanted to be like them. 


We will using the internet and ICT to explore different interesting facts about frogs. What do their special colours or patterns mean?



We will be exploring the different interesting places that frogs live such as the amazon rainforest, ponds, lakes, rivers and trees!


Do you know anything interesting about frogs? what do you think they like to eat?