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A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed (LLPS)

Week 6 Dear Zoo

This week we will be exploring the story 'Dear Zoo'




There are lots of exciting animals for us to explore such as a giraffe, a lion, a snake, a puppy, a monkey and a frog.


Can you think of the initial sound you can hear in each of these animal names?


We will be playing some phonic games to develop our awareness of the initial sounds in animal names.


Have you ever visited a zoo? What animals live at the zoo?

What is your favourite animal or pet?



Can you find out some interesting facts about your favourite animal to share with the class?


We will be hiding zoo animals and describing their features for our friends to guess. We will be developing our vocabulary with words such as trunk, claws, long neck, hooves, paws, sharp teeth, growl, roar, spikes, feathers