Lordship Lane Primary School

A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed

Autumn Term 2 2015

  • Welcome to class RJ

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  • Autumn Term B 2015/16

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  • Literacy

    This term the key texts we will be reading are the Meg and Mog stories, Room on the Broom, and Winnie the Witch.

    The new sounds that we will be learning are;

    g o c k

    u b f e

    l h ch r

    We will be learning to blend the sounds to read and write simple words.



    Special Books

    We welcome photos or art work from home that reflects your child’s 

    Interests that we can put in their 

    special books.




    Our focus this term will be learning to recognise and order numbers up to 20. We will be working on adding one more to a given number and will be finding the total number of items in two groups. We will also be expanding our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes. We will be introducing everyday language in relation to time and learning to order and sequence familiar events. 



    We will be learning to work together and collaborate with our friends in a group, we will also be promoting the core values of our school through keyworker lead circle times.


    Connected Curriculum 

    This term we will be focusing on the Meg and Mog books and discussing witches, magicians and fairies. We will be learning about rhyming words so that we can make our own magic  spells.

    We will be learning how materials can change when mixed together by making our own magic potions using vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and other ingredients.

    We will be counting and adding ingredients together to make our own magic spells.

    We will be dressing up as witches, magicians and fairies to create our own stories.




    We will be sending home oxford reading tree books, in addition to a library book. Please talk to your child about the characters, as well as discussing the pictures and story. 


    Other notices:

    Your child may bring a bottle of water with their name on every day.


    As the weather gets colder please ensure your child is appropriately dressed as they will still be participating in outdoor learning.