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New Reception 2020

Information for Parents & Carers of children starting Reception in September

A warm welcome to all our families starting our new Reception  

 in September 2020.



We understand that these are difficult and uncertain times and we will keep you updated with all new information about what your child will need when they start school. We  will soon contact you about dates for induction visits and  interviews over the phone focusing on  information regarding each and every child and family needs. Rest assured that we will support you as best we can.


Please use this page to look through updated letters, EYFS curriculum and loads of fun activities that you can already do at home.


In addition to the information below please look through the Reception class page to see the types of activities your child will be doing to gain an insight into the school day.



  • Transition activities from the BBC to help September school starters 2020:



  • EYFS goals for parents:


  • Parents Poster- Who knew that learning could be such fun!





 Checklist to Promote Your Child's Independence


Promote independence by:


Putting on clothes independently

Going to the toilet without support

Wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds

Tidy things away in the correct place, e.g. hanging up coats, put objects in bags

Use a knife and fork

Use a tissue


Continue the learning journey:


Help your child to recognise their name

Teach your child to hold a pencil correctly using  ‘pinching’ fingers

Teach your child to write their name using a capital letter for the first letter only

Practise counting out loud, counting objects, looking at numerals and identifying them

Sit and read a story every day with your child talking about the characters and events, naming objects, relating to own experiences

Talking to your child about their day’s activities, giving simple instructions, singing nursery rhymes (Speech and Language is a growing concern amongst young children and providing the support for them in this way is very beneficial)

Use scissors

Updated News


  • On Friday, 10th of July, your child's new teacher will be ringing you to welcome you to the school and will be happy to answer any question


  • Monday and Tuesday, the 7th and 8th of September, interviews to be held in school. Parents will soon be notified of their time slot


  • School will start on Wednesday,  the 9th of September 2020





A message from Mr Pozzo for children in RP from September

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A  message from Mrs Oustabachieva for children in RSO from September.

Hello Class RSO!

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Have a Great Summer!

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Ms Vieira's video message to all children from RV class of 2020.

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Hello everybody!!! I am Ms Vieira, your teacher in RV class. I am really looking forward to seeing you in September when we start our fun and exciting learning at school. 😀

Hello, My Dearest RSO Class !

I'll see you very soon!


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