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New To English

Welcome to this 'New to English' page!

Hos¸geldeniz! Dobre doshli! Sha raghiast! Bun venit! Bem vindo!

Háun yÍng!


This week there are some activities for you to learn about different types of transport.

Look at the document and the extra work attached to find out more.

The work on animals is going to stay on the webpage for this week too.

This week we are going to be learning the names of some animals.  There are many different animals so we are going to think about some that you may have seen.


We are going to start with some you may have at home.  These animals are called 'pets'.



The name of something is called a noun.

These nouns are called 'common nouns'.


dog   cat  
rabbit   goldfish  
tortoise   guinea pig  



 Can you name these pet animals in your own language?  What other animals can you name?

Do you have any pets?  

What are they called?

How do you care for them?

What do they eat?

Where do they sleep?


Here's a 'pet' dictionary for you to print off and colour.

Can you name all the pet animals?

You can add the names of the animals in your own language too!

There's also a sheet for you to print off and match the pets to their homes and things they need or play with.

Finally there's a sheet for you to write about your own pet.  





Here's a great rhyming story about a pet cat.

It's called 'My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes'.

Listen to the story and join in when you are ready.

Does your cat like to hide any where?

MY CAT LIKES TO HIDE IN BOXES - Eve Sutton & Lynley Dodd / read aloud / English book for kids 노부영

Meet these interesting cats from different countries all over the world. My cat likes to hide in boxes, but these cats can do strange and exciting things! Th...

Some animals are 'wild' animals and some live in a zoo.

Have you ever seen a wild animal or been to visit a zoo?

Here are some of the animals you may have seen.

lion  tiger 
elephant  giraffe  
monkey  bear 
zebra  snake  

Which one is your favourite?

Can you name these animals in your own language?

Now write  some sentences about the animals.

Can you include an adjective to describe them?


Here's an example to help you.

The tiger has black stripes.


The lion ________________________.

The elephant ____________________.

The snake ______________________.

The monkey _____________________.

The giraffe _____________________ . 

The bear________________________. 

The zebra _______________________. 


 fur  skin  whiskers  mane  tail  neck  teeth  trunk

soft  bumpy  smooth  scaly  stripes

Here's a story about a child who wants a zoo animal for a pet.

I wonder what happens?

Would you like a pet from the zoo?

Dear Zoo - World Book Day

'I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet . . .' Rod Campbell's classic lift-the-flap book Dear Zoo has been a firm favourite with toddlers and parents alike ever...

We're Going to the Zoo with Lyrics | Kids Action Songs | Children Love to Sing

Zoo song with lyrics - kids love to sing along and see their favorite animals - monkeys, elephant, giraffe, seals, rhinos & more! You can come to - we're goi...

The next group of animals that we are going to learn about are called 'farm' animals.  These animals are cared for by farmers and are used for food.

Can you name them?

sheep  pig 
cow   goat  
horse  donkey 
chicken  duck 

Which of these farm animals lays eggs?

Which of these farm animals gives us milk?

Which of these farm animals gives us wool to make warm clothes?

What else do you know about each animal?

Now here's a funny story about some farm animals.

Listen to the story and answer the questions.

It's called 'Mrs Wishy Washy'.

What do you think she likes to do?








Mrs Wishy Washy by Joy Cowley: A wonderful short story for kids about naughty farm animals STELLAR

Mrs Wishy Washy by Joy Cowley: A wonderful short story for children: STELLAR Mrs Wishy Washy by Joy Cowley: is a story about three haughty farm animals who l...


Answer these questions about the story

How did the cow get muddy?

How did the pig get muddy?

How did the duck get muddy?

What did Mrs Wishy Washy do?

Where did Mrs Wishy Washy put the animals?

What happened at the end of the story?

Do you think Mrs Wishy Washy would be happy or angry to find out the animals had got muddy again?






Finally here's a fun song about some farm animals.

It's called 'Old MacDonald had a farm.' 

Learn the words and sing along.


Don't forget!


Ask your teacher for the password to linguasope so that you can hear how  names for animals are spoken aloud. 

Practise saying the words and play some of the games on the program.



Try to watch some TV programmes such as CBBC or CBEEBIEs every day-

it's a good way to learn English and lots of fun too!


And finally...

Don’t forget to check your class pages for work that you can do and links to useful websites


Happy Learning! 


Mrs Golding 


Ps Can you guess what my favourite pet animal is?

 Here are some clues for you-

It has a waggy tail, it likes to play and go for walks, it barks very loudly and Mrs Randles has a very cute pet _ _ _ !

Do you know what it is?