Lordship Lane Primary School

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Friendship Poems

Our Value of the week this week is Friendliness, some of our very friendly children have written some fantastic poetry celebrating this value, take a look!


Friendship is great!

Respect your friends

I love playing with my friends!

Envy will ruin your friendship

Never call each other bad names

Don’t let others be mean to your friends

Show them how much they mean to you

Help each other

Ignore people who try to come between you and your friend

Pay attention to what your friend is saying

- Dominika 4D



A Friendship Poem

Oh what joy it is to have a friend like you, for giving me strength the way you do

For listening to me when I’m feeling down and putting a smile on my face when I’m wearing a frown

Thanks for being there and helping me grow, your friendship means a lot I’d like you to know.

- Madison 5W



Dear everyone at Lordship Lane Primary School,

I will always be a friend to everyone in this lovely, wonderful school whether I know your name or not.  I will still be your friend because I love this school a lot!

PS: Always make friends with new children in your class because they’re new to this school!

- Laibah 5S