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Read For My School Competition

Read For My School – Reading Competition 2016


Key Stage 2 children – Years 3 – 6, at Lordship Lane Primary School are currently joining over 200,000 children around the country and taking part in England’s biggest school reading and writing competition.


What is it?

A free national schools reading and writing competition giving pupils and their schools the chance to win prizes donated by Pearson Education, Penguin Random House and loads of other partners


What are the goals?

Increase the volume and range of children’s reading.

Create a lasting improvement in a whole-school reading culture.


As part of the Read For My School competition we will have:

A free online library of over 150 titles by top children’s authors.

Entry into prize draws with hundreds of winners.

The chance to help Lordship Lane win a School Reading Culture prize worth over £1,000!!!!


Children in Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 have received their login codes and a short letter outlining the competition.

If you have any problems with accessing the competition please do not hesitate in contacting your class teacher or school office.


Happy Reading and best of luck for the whole school in trying to win the competition!