Lordship Lane Primary School

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Stars of the Week

Congratulations to all the Stars of the Week. Below are all the stars of the week:


RW: Edward and Azul

RH: Rezwana and Alex

RJ: Li Ming Wang and Stelyan

1W: Tyreece and Jasmina

1SO: Ruben and Robert

1H: Selena and Sadim

2H: Tyreece and Aaliyah

2S: Omar and Hannah

2P: Maria and Abdel Jabbar

3E: Reyansh and Samora

3B: Yu Wei and Fatima

3C: Anif and Yaren

4D: Louis and Sila

4AD: Irmak and Xiang Xin

4S: Judyta and Yahya

5W: Harry and Aayah

5S: Valentino and Andrew

5F: Edwin and Andrew

6A: Bailey and Alexia

6G: Mahmoud and Zak

6M: Selina and Travis