Lordship Lane Primary School

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Stars of the Week 16/10/15

Congratulations to all the Stars of the Week. Below are all the stars of the week:


RH: Yaren and Stela

1W: Jennifer and Brian

1SO: Adam and Jacob

1H: Za'relle and Wren

2H: Kaan and Maria

2S: Thayn and Niyaz

2P: Alma and Rihanna

3E: Shayden and Maria

3B: Maja and Yacqub

3C: Mihri and Ahmet

4D: Daniella and Buse

4AD: All of 4AD and Jodie

4S: Raiyaz and Vasile

5W: Miran and Elif

5S: Dilan and Goncalo

5F: Yasmin and Cinar

6A: Alind and Amina

6G: Muhammad Ali and Burcu

6M: King and Nicholas