Lordship Lane Primary School

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Stars of the Week 17 November 2017

Well done to all our Stars of the Week!!  smiley


RV - Sameeha and Lucas

RP - Seren and Taliyah

RSP - Eler and Amira

1W - Akram and Angelina

1SO - Ozan and Emma

1J - Eliza and Miran

2P - Kamil and Inas

2C - All of 2C

2G - Sophie and Tyreese

3S - Fatih and Jennifer

3H - Ludwik and Dymtro

3R - Narah and Poppy

4AD - Sophie and Yousef

4B - Denislava and Safwaan

4H - Tyler and Dilara

5E - Ting Lun and Quianna

5M - Jaydan and Tyshan

5LI - Zakilya and Micah

6F - Kyle and all of 6F

6S - Muhammed and Mahfuz

6W - Merveil and Shannye

Y6 - Guled