Lordship Lane Primary School

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Stars of the Week

Congratulations to all the Stars of the Week, you will all find your name on next weeks Newsletter. Below are all the stars of the week:


Nursery: Maisie and Emma

RW: Leen and Leonel

RH: Max and Eloise

RJ: Tyreese and Anisa

1W: Enes and Rahma

1SO: Amari and Saleeha

1H: Taleh and Aleena

2H: Nabila and David

2S: Ela and Ridwan

2P: Kye and Angelina

3E: Amhara and Alexandru

3JO: David and Hatche

3C: Maurine and Zakhira

4D: Teghan and Amaree

4AD: Josh Leon

4S: Alia and Harry

5W: Teon and Owen

5S: Eubeme and Aaliya

5F: Waiss and Olivia

6A: Ryan and Daveri

6G: Kawa and Hao-Dong

6M: Selina and Dogan