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Dear Parents/Carers


Although school is closed to most children for now, we can still stay in touch via the Tapestry App. It’s great to see all the photos and videos of the activities that you’ve been doing at home.


Please check this page every week for activities to support your child’s learning.

22nd of June

Underwater counting


Play this counting game. Can you get the answers right and find the treasure?


Find the rhyming words.


Click on the link below and log in.

The user name is march20

The password is home.


Nursery are learning to listen to and distinguish different sounds. Under the Resources tab on the Phonics Play website, the Phase 1 activities are appropriate for Nursery.


Click on Cake Bake and then on the picture of the cat. Drag the objects that rhyme with cat into the bowl to make the cake.

Can you think of any other words that rhyme with cat?


15th of June


This week our story is Who Sank The Boat? by Pamela Allen.


What does sank mean?

What does float mean?


Why does the boat sink further into the water each time an animal gets in?


Objects behave differently in water; Some things float; Some things sink; If you add enough weight to a floating object, it will sometimes sink.


Have a hunt for some waterproof objects. Do they float or do they sink if you put them in a washing up bowl of water? 


8th of June




Improve your listening skills by playing this fun game. Click on the link. Listen carefully, can you tell which animal is in the box?

Teddy Numbers


Click on the link. Start by choosing numbers to 5. Can you give Teddy the correct number of cupcakes? 

If you can, next time choose numbers to 10.

Have fun!



1st of June


This week our story is Where The Wild Things Are.

Do you think a forest really grew in Max's room? If not, what do you think really happened?


Max wanted to be where “someone loved him best of all". Who do you think "loved him best of all"?


Do you think the Wild Things are real?


His supper was waiting for him, and it was still hot. What do you think it was?


Can you draw a picture of a Wild Thing and post it on Tapestry?


Max begins with the m sound. Watch the video below to hear some words that begin with the m sound. Can you go on a m treasure hunt in your home? How many things can you find that begin with m? Please take a photo and post onto Tapestry. 

Mr Thorne and the m sound

25th of May

This half term our school is holding a Mental Health and Well-Being week. We have provided some great activities for the whole family to enjoy together. There's a link below for each day of the week. Have fun and stay safe.



Wonderful Wednesday

Thoughtful Thursday

Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE)

This is a very challenging time for everybody and we are aware that some young people may find this situation very worrying and at times quite overwhelming. The following website provides fantastic advice and support for both children and adults during these difficult times:

18th of May


This week our story is Owl Babies

Owl Babies

How many baby owls are in the story?


What are their names?


What food do you think the owl mummy brought them to eat?


Where do owls live?


What do owls have covering their bodies?


Can you draw a picture of an owl and post it onto Tapestry.


Learning to Write with Correct Letter Formation

Some children have been trying to write their name. This is how we write the lower case letters at school.

11th of May


This week our story is The Little Red Hen.

The Little Red Hen

Who will help The Little Red Hen?

What does the Little Red Hen plant?


How does she help it to grow?


What does she do with the wheat?


What happens next?


What do you do to help at home? 

At Nursery we would be making bread rolls this week. It can be difficult to get flour and yeast right now but if you can find some, here is the recipe for you to bake together. Hope you have lots of fun kneading the dough. Please put a photo of your baking on Tapestry.


Bread Rolls



  • vegetable oil, for greasing
  • 500g strong white flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 2 x 7g sachets fast-action dried yeast
  • 2 tsp caster sugar



  1. Grease a large baking tray with oil. Sift the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl, then stir in the yeast and sugar, making sure the ingredients are well mixed.
  2. Make a well in the middle and gradually add 300ml warm water. Using a wooden spoon, mix to form a soft dough. Sprinkle a little flour onto a clean work surface and tip the dough out onto it.
  3. Knead the dough by pushing down into the middle to flatten and stretch it out, then folding it in half and pushing down into the centre again. Continue kneading the dough for around 10 mins until soft and smooth.
  4. Divide the dough into 8 pieces and roll gently to shape them into balls before placing them onto the baking tray. Cover the rolls loosely with lightly oiled clingfilm or a damp tea towel and leave to prove for around 45 mins in a warm place, or until they have doubled in size. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to gas 7, 220°C, fan 200°C.
  5. Bake the rolls for 18-20 mins until golden brown. Allow to cool slightly and serve warm.



If you're unable to find the ingredients to bake bread, you could make some lovely hot buttered toast together. Using the knife carefully, and spreading the butter into the corners of the bread is great for developing strong fingers.



How high can you count until the toaster goes POP!?


When the toast comes out of the toaster how does it feel?


What happens to the butter when we put it on the hot toast?


What's your favourite toast topping?


Please post your photos on Tapestry.


4th of May


This week our story is Handa's Hen.

The story features a lot of different and exciting animals which include chicks, lizards, spoonbills, bull frogs, mice, sun birds, butterflies and crickets!

Can you describe any of the animals?



Spoonbill begins with a sssss sound. Sssspoonbill.



Can you have a hunt for every day objects in your home that begin with a ssss sound. Take a photo of the things you find that begin with sssss and post it onto Tapestry. Happy hunting!



Handa counts lots of animals in the story.


How many chicks can you see?



How many mice can you count?



How many Lizards are there?


How many butterflies can you see?



One of the Nursery children made these fantastic Ramadan Mubarak cards and mosques at home with their family.

27th of April

This week our story is Oh Dear by Rod Campbell.


Which farm animal is your favourite? Can you draw a picture of your favourite animal and put a photo of it on tapestry? 

Oh Dear!

Buster's staying with Grandma on the farm. But where will he find the eggs for breakfast? Not in the stable -- oh dear!

What sound does your name begin with? Can you use coins or pebbles or lego or anything else to make the letters in your name? Please post a photo of your name onto Tapestry.

20th of April


This week we will be thinking about all the animals who live down on the farm. We will be using the nursery rhyme Old Macdonald to explore the different sounds that they make. 


Play an animal guessing game with your family.


Which animal has a beak and lays eggs?

Which animal says 'moooooooo'?

Which animal likes to roll around in mud?



Can you make up your own questions?

Old MacDonald Had A Farm (2018) | Nursery Rhymes | Super Simple Songs

Old MacDonald had a farm. E-I-E-I-O. And on that farm he had a pig. E-I-E-I-O. With an oink oink here. And an oink oink there...

Can you sing the song with your family?

Mrs Wishy-Washy

The animals on Mrs Wishy Washy's farm love to play in the mud. Can you help her by saying "wishy washy, wishy washy" with her as she cleans them.

How many animals are in the story?
Can you describe them?
How many legs do they have?
What noise do they make?
Who has fur? Who has feathers?

Rob Delaney's CBeebies Bedtime Story | Ten In The Bed

Rob Delaney reads and signs a Bedtime Story, with Makaton, about ten cuddly friends trying to go to bed. Can you retell the story with your family using 10 of your own toys?

Ten in the Bed

There were 10 in the bed and the little one said, "roll over, roll over." Can you sing the song with your family and hold up the correct number of fingers for each verse?

Coin Sorting


Make a collection of all the lose change in the house. Talk about the different coins, how are they different or similar? What are they called? Which one is the biggest / smallest? Can you sort the coins?



How many of each coin are there? Which coin do you have more of? Which coin do you have less of? Please post your photos onto Tapestry.



Go on a triangle hunt around your home. How many triangle shapes can you find?


If you have any straws, sticks or strips of card or paper, explore making a triangle shape using these items.


How many sides does a triangle have? Can you show me three fingers. How many sticks or straws will you need to make a triangle? Can you count out three sticks? Discover how to arrange the sticks to make a triangle together.



What other shapes can you make? Please post photos of your shapes onto Tapestry.                                     


Banana Banana Meatball

Remember to keep your bodies moving. Can you teach the Go Noodle dance to your family?

Let's Count to 20

Can you count with your family?

The PE Hub Portal has been launched to support parents in leading simple activities at home. No prior teaching or coaching experience is necessary! Choose from a variety of sessions from pulse-raising activities and challenges to fun games to play in the house.  


Please click on the link below to be taken to the PE hub.