Lordship Lane Primary School

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                    Welcome to Nursery!



Dear Parents/Carers


Although school is closed to most children for now, we can still stay in touch via the Tapestry App. It’s great to see all the photos and videos of the activities that you’ve been doing at home.


Please check this page every week for activities to support your child’s learning.


Coin Sorting


Make a collection of all the lose change in the house. Talk about the different coins, how are they different or similar? What are they called? Which one is the biggest / smallest? Can you sort the coins?



How many of each coin are there? Which coin do you have more of? Which coin do you have less of? Please post your photos onto Tapestry.



Go on a triangle hunt around your home. How many triangle shapes can you find?


If you have any straws, sticks or strips of card or paper, explore making a triangle shape using these items.


How many sides does a triangle have? Can you show me three fingers. How many sticks or straws will you need to make a triangle? Can you count out three sticks? Discover how to arrange the sticks to make a triangle together.



What other shapes can you make? Please post photos of your shapes onto Tapestry.                                     


Banana Banana Meatball

Remember to keep your bodies moving. Can you teach the Go Noodle dance to your family?

Let's Count to 20

Can you count with your family?

The PE Hub Portal has been launched to support parents in leading simple activities at home. No prior teaching or coaching experience is necessary! Choose from a variety of sessions from pulse-raising activities and challenges to fun games to play in the house.  


Please click on the link below to be taken to the PE hub.