Lordship Lane Primary School

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Spring Term 2019


It has been very exciting this term, as we held our science week. The theme for science week was ‘animals’.

During the week, each class was busy planning and taking part in investigations and experiments. Year 6 spent an afternoon understanding how animals survive in the arctic by experimenting with ice and butter. In year 4, children investigated different bird beaks and how this impacts the food that they eat.


Key Stage 2 were very lucky to have a visit from the Zoolab. Each class took part in an animal classification workshop, where a variety of animals (including giant African land snails, corn snakes and tarantulas) were displayed. The children were even able to handle some of the animals. Cinar from 5MT said that he loved seeing all of the animals, but not the big spider!

Year 6 also took part in the Science of Sound workshop, where they experimented with making musical instruments and learnt the science behind how sound is generated and travels.


The animal theme continued in Key Stage 1, where the children were able to have the fantastic experience of learning about Owls. A visit from  Niteowls gave the children the opportunity to watch and fly some of the spectacular owls, including scops owls and barn owls.