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Summer 1

 This Summer 1st half term is  all about Minibeasts  that  Wriggle, buzz and crawl!                                                                                    

Image result for wriggle and crawl Image result for wriggle and crawlImage result for wriggle and crawlImage result for wriggle and crawl 




This half term our topic is based around the theme of things in nature that ‘Wriggle and crawl’. We will be focusing on investigating mini-beasts and their habitats.


As Our topic  is non-fiction based and  we will be reading different types of information  and facts about these species.


I hope you enjoy exploring and discovering the mini-beasts' world around you!


Week 1 we are going to be looking at the story of 'The Lazy Ladybird'

Image result for the very lazy ladybug


Week 2 we will be reading 'Ella the Ladybird'


Week 3 we are to look at the story of 'The Very Busy Spider'


Week 4 we will be reading 'The Snail and the Whale'


Weeks 5 we will be reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'




                                             Sun Safety


Now that the weather is heating up for Summer, it is important to keep your child protected. Please apply sun cream before coming to school on hot days. Also,  please provide your child with a sun hat and drinking water when possible. 


‚ÄčLastly,  please make sure  all items of clothing  have your child's name written on it.


Enjoy your Summer!








What is Inside?



This term we will be finding out what is inside our bodies and learning lots of new vocabulary associated with different body parts with a greater emphasis on the human skeleton. Words such as bones, skull, ribs and pelvis will be used and explored throughout the term.


Funnybones stories will taking children to a magic journey through the human body.     


                                          Funnybones PowerPoint story (J and A Ahlberg)



The theme "What is Inside" is an opportunity to explore and discover the interior of bodies, eggs, treasure boxes, our school, hospitals, the sea, supermarkets etc.


What a great way to explore the world!


What can you see?

Image result for SEA UNDER  OCEAN


                 Image result for INSIDE HOSPITAL











Our Connector for this  1st half  of Spring term is:


Once Upon a Time...


Great focus on the structure of a story where children will learn about the beginning, middle and end.  


The Gingerbread Man

8th -19th of January


Picture 1



How did the Gingerbread Man come to life?

What was he made of? Can you tell the main ingredients used to make him?

What animals has he met on his journey?

How did the story end?

Would you do it differently?


                                                                                                                                                      Read the story of The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man game Counting, matching and ordering



Jack and the Beanstalk

22nd to 26th of January  


Picture 1


Beans? Why beans?

Who did Jack meet at the top of the beanstalk?

What animal did he sell?

What would you sell?



The 3 Little Pigs

29th January to 2nd of February 


Image result for 3 little pigs clipartImage result for 3 little pigs clipart



Read the story here:



Celebrating Chinese  New year

5th to 9th of February

Related image

















Potions, Lotions, Smells and Spells


We will be encouraging children to be creative and look at ways they will predict and create fantastic scented herbal potions as they explore the world of fairies as well as funny,  kind and friendly witches.

A great time for maths as well! How many spiders and frog legs can you use on your magic potion to make Mog, the cat, dance and sing? 



Image result for kindfairy




Image result for fairies


Image result for meg and mog


We are learning the sounds of letters u, b,f,e. Can children find these initial  sounds in words such as umbrella, big, fish and egg? What other words have these sounds?




Celebrating Diwali

We are celebrating Diwali this week, making fireworks paintings and beautiful divas!

Please be safe if your are out celebrating where there are fireworks displays.


Our letter sounds are g, o,c and k 




Image result for diwali pictures



Welcome to RV Class


A warm welcome to our Reception children and parents from Ms Vieira and Mary.

You will find the focus of your child's learning in this page as we move through the school academic year.  What a great and exciting  year it will be!


Please make sure your child has his/her name on all items of clothing that they bring to school. Children have constant access to the outdoor area so please ensure that your child wears suitable shoes for climbing, running and jumping. Shoes with velcro are highly advised as they are  better and safer.