Lordship Lane Primary School

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Summer 2 Wheels. Wings And Floating Things

Our connector this half term is 'Wheels, Wings, and Floating Things'.


This term the key texts we will be reading are; Where the Wild Things Are, Who Sank the Boat?, Whatever Next!, and The Train Journey. We will be finding out about pirate ships and learning a pirate rhyme.

We will be retelling the stories using props, puppets and masks to help us.

We will be acting out Where the Wild Things Are and creating our own music to accompany the story.

We will also be reading non-fiction books about vehicles, boats and other kind of transport.





We will also be developing our awareness of transport sounds through listening to different vehicle noises and trying to differentiate between them. We will be exploring floating and sinking and designing our own boats. 


We will be comparing two groups of objects and talking about whether there are more or less. How many blue boats are on the sea? How many red boats? Are there more red boats or more blue boats?

We will continue to work on recognising numbers up to 10.

We will be using everyday language related to time such as, day, night, tomorrow, morning, afternoon.