Lordship Lane Primary School

A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed

Week 1 Old Macdonald

This week we will be thinking about all creatures that live down on the farm. We will be using the nursery rhyme 'Old Macdonalds' to explore all the different animals and the different sounds that they produce. 



(click on the image to watch the old macdonalds song)


We will also be reading and acting out the the story of Mrs Wishy-Washy.


Can you remember any animals that live on the farm?


We will be trying to identify different farm yard animals from the sounds that they make. 


We will be playing a guessing game to identify hidden animals by listening to descriptions of the animals. 




What animal has a beak?

What animal says 'moooooooo'?

What animal likes to roll around in mud?