Lordship Lane Primary School

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Week 3 Handa's Hen

This week we will be exploring the story Handa's Hen.



(Please click the image to watch the interactive video of the story)


The story features a lot of different and exciting animals which include chicks, lizards, spoonbills, bull frogs, mice, sun birds, butterflies and crickets!





Can you think about some sentences to describe these animals?


We will be thinking about the initial sounds that we can hear in the names of these different animals. Try and practise this with your child. Discuss what initial sounds they can hear in every day objects or within the names of their family members. 



In our maths learning we will be matching different amounts of objects to numerals (extension to 20 for our more able children)


How many chicks can you see?




How many mice can you count?




How many Lizards are there?



How many butterflies are there?