Lordship Lane Primary School

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Week 5: The Enormous Turnip

This week we will be exploring the story of the Enormous Turnip



The children will have the opportunity to retell the story using picture cues and we will brainstorm the key events and characters from the story to try and create our own version.


What vegetable would you like to pull up from the ground? a gigantic pumpkin? an enormous carrot? or perhaps a humungous parsnip?


We will be using size related vocabulary to think about different fruits and vegetables that we know including big, small, medium, large, long, short and huge to compare.



We will be giving the children an opportunity to practise their peeling and cutting skills so we can make turnip and vegetable soup.



The enormous turnip focuses around lots of characters working together as a team to pull out the enormous turnip. The characters couldn't do this on their own. We will be thinking about our friendships with our peers and how we support each other in our class.