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Wider School Re opening - FAQ

This page will be updated as questions arise, please feel free to email the school with questions you may have about the wider re opening of school and we will try to answer them on here as quickly as possible.  Please see the guides for Y6 and Y1 which will answer many of your questions.



Does my child need to wear school uniform?

No, children are able to wear their own clothes as these may be easier to clean.  Please ensure children wear clean clothes every day.


How will lunch time work?

Children will have lunch in their classrooms at their designated desks.  Parents/Carers can send a packed lunch if they wish, but the school can provide lunch too.  Please remember that we are a nut free school.  Any food sent in with nuts will be sent back home unopened.


Can the children play together at break time?

The children can play together at break times.  The teachers will remind the children to keep their distance as far as possible, however Government guidance states that strict social distancing will not be required in primary school.


What time does my child start/finish?

Children in Reception, Y1 and Y6 start between 8.00am and 8.30am.  This soft start will allow less gathering outside the school gates.  Children who are late WILL NOT be allowed to come to school for that day.  We have to be very strict on start times.  Children finish at either 12.45 or 1.00pm depending on which pod they are in.  This is to reduce the amount of parents outside the gates at any one time.  As with start times, parents should be prompt in collecting their children to ensure there are not too many adults outside the gate at any one time.