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Year 6

Guide for coming back to school

Year 6 letter to parents

Welcome to Year 6!




Year 6 Update (25.05.20)

Lordship Lane Primary School is having a Mental Health and Well Being Week this week.

Mrs. Tagliaferri, Ms. Golding, Ms. McTaggart and Ms. Jemal have planned some fun and creative activities for you all over half term. We really hope that you will enjoy them and have some fun.

You can have a go at the activities during half term and do as much or as little as you like with your families. The activities are designed for all ages and the focus is on health and well-being.

You can find these activities attached below.


I would also like you to look out for PJ who is our new mental health and well-being mascot. You will be hearing lots more from PJ in the coming weeks.


Year 6 Update (11.05.20)

It was lovely to speak to so many of you and your parents over the past week. We are glad you are all doing well and are safe.

This would have been SATs week back at school. Even though you will not be sitting your assessments, you should be very proud of the effort and the progress you all have made this year. As your Year 6 teachers, we are incredibly proud of you!



Our school is now closed to most children, but this will pass and we will all see each other again soon! If you are worried about what is happening with the coronavirus, remember to speak to adults about it and remember that children are mostly less affected. This website has more information:


Year 6 and parents, if you would like to contact us, or ask a questions about the tasks set please do use the box below to send a message. We are very keen to stay in touch. We are using our class blogs to communicate with each other. Do log on and tell us how you are, and what you are doing. 


Mr Schofield, Ms Epson & Miss Davis


Here is joke to keep you smiling .


What cheese is made backwards?

see bottom of the page for the answer


 Home Learning


Year 6, you should log in to Purple Mash. Head over to tools and click on 2blog.

Here you will find your class reading blog where you can comment about the book you are reading.


Use the links below to log into Purple Mash, Spelling Shed, Times Table Rockstars and Duolingo.


You can also access a range of excellent audio books online for free! Use the link below to listen to a book of your choice. You can send a comment about it onto the class blogs. 


P.E. with Joe Wicks is on every morning from 9 am. You can find all of the previous days on the link below.


Parents, you can also access The PE Hub, for fitness and games ideas to use at home.



This is a very challenging time for everybody and we are aware that some young people may find this situation very worrying and at times overwhelming. The following video discusses the importance of mental health and how to manage feelings of anxiety. 

Talking Mental Health:



Use topmarks website for maths games that will suit your child's ability.

Mathsbot starter games will allow you to set maths number work at a level to suit for your child's ability.  It also gives answers.

Maths Mansion website

Type in the concept and use as a fun teaching video if your child isn't sure how to do the work.


The BBC have produced  daily lessons which we recommend you do.

They can be found


Home Learning Weekly Outline


Log on to Purple Mash, click on tools and find 2Blog. On here you will find your class reading blog where you can communicate with your class and class teacher, share your work or just to let us know how you are!

We have also added work titled 'Step up to Year 6', you should give this a go if you are finding any of the home learning tasks difficult. 



  • Read 50 pages of your class book, weekly. 
  • Answer the comprehension questions and complete the task. (document attached below)



  • Writing tasks are attached in the documents below.
  • SPAG Mystery (document attached below)
  • Step up to Year 6 (Activities if you are finding the work challenging)



  • SATs buster 1 x test a day.
  • Twinkl Maths Mystery (document attached below)
  • Maths Tasks (attached below)
  • Step up to Year 6 (Activities if you are finding the work challenging)


                                                                    What cheese is made backwards?



Just remember Year 6, you can contact your teachers below with any concern or question you may have.

We are more than happy to be contacted and to help you.

    Recommended reading books

Use the link below to listen to Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland, which is one of the six books to read in the Year 6 reading spine.

The Year 6 reading spine includes: Alice in Wonderland, Pax, The Wolf Wilder, The Girl of Ink and Stars, Who Let the Gods Out and Pig Heart Boy.




Contact Mr Schofield

To contact Mr Schofield, please fill in the message box below with any questions or concerns. Make sure you include an email address otherwise we cannot respond. Thank you

Contact Ms Epson

To contact Ms Epson, please fill in the message box below with any questions or concerns.

Contact Miss Davis

To contact Miss Davis, please fill in the message box below with any questions or concerns.