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We will be sure to let all families know when we start our new activities for the new term in September! We will have lots of exciting new clubs to try so watch this space!!



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Lordship Lane Debating Team


At Lordship Lane, we have some of the best debaters in the country!

Debating is a fun activity where two teams argue about a subject in a formal manner. Both teams try to persuade a judge that their ideas are right and the other team is wrong. This is done by making your point clearly, backing it up with evidence and examples and proving why the other team’s argument is wrong. At Lordship Lane, our debating team is made up of Year 5 and Year 6 children (this year has just been Year 6 due to Covid restrictions). Led by Mr Cannon, the team meet for an hour every Monday after school, where they learn the skills and techniques that will make them successful debaters. We work with an organisation called Debate Mate, who arrange for University Students to join us each week, to share their experience of debating. Debate Mate also organise debating competitions between schools, where teams from across London meet up in a host school and debate each other on subjects they are given by the judges. The winners then go on to the next round, and may even find themselves competing with teams from across the country.

In the past few years, Lordship Lane has consistently been ranked among the very best schools in the country, and has had success after success, even winning the London part of the competition at one point! We have also made it to the national finals which took place at a University in Oxford! This year, our amazing team battled their way (in a series of Zoom debates) to the final national debate, where they took a very strong second place in the whole country!

The children of Lordship Lane have some real skills in this subject, and are really proud of what they achieve. Let’s see what we can do next year!