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Science at Lordship Lane


We believe that Science is an area of our curriculum that should excite and intrigue children in our school. We aim to ensure that children develop a strong understanding of scientific concept but we also support them in developing and refining their skills in scientific enquiry. At Lordship Lane, we also place a special emphasis on supporting children to acquire scientific vocabulary because we know this is challenging for some of our pupils.



We follow the National Curriculum for Science, but in a number of places we go beyond it, giving the children an extra depth of understanding. We have made knowledge builders for each unit of work. This is a sheet containing the scientific words and knowledge that children are going to learn in each half term. Your child will bring this sheet home each half term, and it will also be shared on Seesaw.


We want children at Lordship Lane to become confident in carrying out a range of investigations. As such, each half term children take part in an enquiry which is given over to developing scientific enquiry skills. By carrying out an entire enquiry, children become absorbed in the scientific method and gain as much as possible from the experience.


Science Teaching

In Early Years, children are encouraged to explore the world around them and develop their understanding of scientific concepts through a wide range of free flow activities, both indoors and outdoors. At this stage, teachers take advantage of children’s curiosity to introduce new ideas to them.


In Key Stages 1 and 2, children benefit from Science lessons each week. We ensure that children are secure in their understanding of each topic and confident in using the relevant vocabulary before carrying out the enquiry.  We believe this allows them to get the most out of the experience. Weekly quizzing helps children to remember what they have learnt over time.



The table below offers a very broad overview of what children study in science each half term. Our knowledge builders provide much more detail of the content; children will be given these to take home at the beginning of each unit of work. In Science we have 4 Golden Threads which include: Good Health, Innovation, Sustainability and Climate.  Teachers use the Golden Threads to help children remember prior learning.



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Naming body parts

(Good Health)

Exploring day and night

Exploring materials to make a bridge


Exploring their sense of taste

(Good Health)


Observing life cycle of chicks and frogs


Exploring different vehicles and how they move across surfaces


Exploring cars rolling down different surfaces.

Combining different substances to make potions



(Good Health)

Exploring best material to make a boat

Exploring bones and body parts

(Good Health)

Exploring insects: names, body parts, how they move and life cycle

Exploring the best material to be used for a bear




Chemistry: Properties of Materials 1

Seasonal changes: Autumn


Chemistry: Properties of Materials 1

Seasonal Changes: Winter


Biology: body parts & classification 1


Biology: body parts & classification 1

Seasonal Changes: Spring


Biology: Plants 1



Seasonal Changes: Summer & Overview



Chemistry: Properties of Materials 2


Biology: Keeping healthy

(Good Health)

Biology: Habitats & Food Chains 1


Biology: Life Cycles 1

Biology: Life Cycles 1

Biology: Plants 2


Chemistry: Rocks

Physics: Light 1


Biology: Bones & Muscles

(Good Health)

Physics: Forces 1

Physics: Magnetism


Biology: Plants 3


Biology: Classification 2

Chemistry: States of Matter

Physics: Sound

Biology: Digestive System

(Good Health)


Biology: Habitats & Food Chains 2


Physics: Electricity 1


Physics: Earth and Space


Biology: Life Cycles 2


Chemistry: reversible and irreversible changes


Physics: Forces 2


Physics: Forces & Mechanisms




Biology: Classification 3


Biology: Evolution and Inheritance


Physics: Light 2

Physics: Electricity 2

Biology: Circulatory System & Keeping Healthy

(Good Health)

Biology: Circulatory System & Keeping Healthy

(Good Health)