Lordship Lane Primary School

A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed

Values and Ethos

Lordship Lane Primary School is an inclusive community which embraces the diversity of the families who have made this part of London their home.  When you visit us, you will find happy and creative children with a thirst for knowledge and the expectation of success.  We teach the children the fundamental British Values and discuss these values at school.  We discuss and intersperse Democracy, Respect, Tolerance, Liberty and the Rule of Law with our own values.
'A Love of Learning and the Perseverance to Succeed'
Our shared vision is that our school
  • Is truly child centred and places learning and teaching at its heart
  • Encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning, achieve their full potential and enjoy their learning
  • Has the highest expectations of all our pupils
  • Celebrates the unique talents of all our pupils
  • Ensures our pupils are safe and secure and has an atmosphere of mutual support and respect
  • Helps pupils to develop the whole person – intellectually, physically, culturally, socially, spiritually, morally and be part of a healthy community within which they feel secure, happy and valued
  • Encourages our pupils to understand equality and have respect for all religions, cultures and ways of life, ensuring that students are sensitive to the feelings of others and are aware of how their actions will affect themselves and others
  • Allows pupils to discover that they are capable of more than even they themselves thought possible and success can be for everyone
  • Looks to the future without forgetting to enjoy the experience of today.

The children, parents and staff have worked together to distil these attributes into 7 core values they want to work together to ensure that at Lordship Lane we are SPARRCI!

Success     Perseverance    Ambition     Respect   Resilience  Creativity  Independence





British Values