Lordship Lane Primary School

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At Lordship Lane Primary School, Safeguarding our children is our number 1 priority.  The named Designated Safeguarding Lead for the School is Jenny Langstaffe (Acting DHT).  Our Child Protection Officer - Janine Weston is also a Designated Safeguarding Lead.  The Pastoral Care Manager, Rhiannon Hood is also a part of the Safeguarding team.

Safeguarding Children

At Lordship Lane we have a strong commitment to safeguarding our children, ensuring their health, safety and well- being in all areas of our practice is paramount to all we do.  We aim to ensure:

  •  All our staff have a clear understanding of and commitment to their responsibilities towards children’s safeguarding
  • The school has clear procedures in place to ensure safeguarding in all aspects of school life
  • The school audits its safeguarding practices on an annual basis to ensure we meet all statutory requirements and remain vigilant around all aspects of safeguarding.


Policies available in School – Please ask at Reception if you would like to see any of the following policies

•      Keeping children safe in education: statutory guidance for schools and colleges (2021)     

•      Working Together to Safeguard Children  statutory guidance (Updated Feb 2019)

•      London Child Protection Procedures, 5th Edn (updated September 2019)

•      Information Sharing (2018)

•      What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused (2015)

•      Children Act 1989

•      Children Act 2004

•      Education Act 2002

•      Children and Families Act 2014

Keeping under fives safe online (ChildNet)

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy