Lordship Lane Primary School

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A New Term

Good afternoon,


Welcome back to (home) school! After what must seem the strangest ‘Easter holiday’ period ever, your teachers will be back to setting you all regular learning activities as from Monday. It feels like we’ve been away from school for absolutely ages, although in reality our children have, to date, missed just the two weeks of their schooling.

However, none of us are certain when we’ll be returning and I’d like to emphasise how important it is to engage with your teachers and ensure as much ‘continuity of education’ as possible during this period of school closure. We all recognise that ‘working from home’ is very different to working in your day-to-day school environment and we were extremely proud of our children’s efforts during that two-week pre-Easter period of school closure.

We advise that you create your own routine that allows plenty of ‘free time’ or breaks, but also positively addresses the learning activities that are set by your teachers to ensure that, when we do return to school, you are still in the habit of ‘organised learning’ and feel confident that you haven’t fallen behind. 


I have added in two online support websites which can also be used at home.



The Oak National Academy is also offering a huge amount of support for online learning.


BBC Bitesize are also offering exceptional support. 

Of course whilst the sun is shining again you may just wish to make use of that opportunity in a safe outdoor space.


Many thanks, stay safe and well.


Jenny Langstaffe